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A cist ( or /ˈsɪst/) or kist (/ˈkɪst/) is a small stone-built coffin-like box or ossuary used to hold the bodies of the dead, and examples of which can be found all over the world. A cist may have been associated with other monuments, perhaps under a cairn or long barrow. It would not be uncommon to find several cists close together within the same cairn or barrow. Occasionally, ornaments have been found within a cist under excavation, which could indicate the wealth of the interred individual.


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barrow, beehive tomb, bone house, box grave, burial, burial chamber, burial mound, catacombs, cenotaph, charnel house, cist grave, cromlech, crypt, deep six, dokhma, dolmen, grave, house of death, last home, long home, low green tent, low house, mastaba, mausoleum, monstrance, mummy chamber, narrow house, ossuarium, ossuary, passage grave, pit, pyramid, reliquary, resting place, sepulcher, shaft grave, shrine, stupa, tomb, tope, tower of silence, tumulus, vault
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